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Blue Planet Security Corporation Presents:

The World's Most Secure Property Protection Systems!

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Ultimate Secure Luggage ID Tags (3 Outside & 3 Inside Tags) with Your Photo, Name & Email/Telephone. Wallet ID Card Proves Ownership, 24 Hr. Support.
Free Lifetime Registration & Tracking, RFID, plus Stainless Steel Screw Head Security Cables
(Scroll Down Page to Order Cables Individually.)
Retailers: Scroll down for retail versions.

Full Money Back Guarantee

Not Just a Luggage Tag, But a 3 Bag Luggage Protection System!

SecureBAG-TAG is the best product to keep your luggage from getting lost or stolen during travel. It is designed to do two things better than any other product. First, it is designed so that your bags do not get stolen in the first place.SecureBAG-TAG kit example image Second, if a bag is lost, the tag is designed to speed the recovery and return of your luggage. Plus, the ID card proves that you own the bags.

Even if the tag is removed from your luggage, our included inside tag will make sure your luggage is recovered. All items have your ID number and our contact information including website, email, Toll Free 800 and Direct Dial Numbers. The front of the outside tags includes your name, photo, and your email address and/or telephone number. No other luggage tag system even comes close, and you get a complete custom made system for 3 bags for only $29.95, including stainless steel cables ($9.00 separately), inside tags with Seal-a-Card sheets, laminated wallet card and Free Lifetime registration and tracking.

Don't let your trip be ruined and your valuable luggage auctioned off. Over 300,000 bags are lost in the U.S. each year. Over 14,000 bags are lost each DAY by airlines. There are businesses that do nothing but auction off lost luggage. Make certain it is not YOUR luggage.

Even if you are not traveling, if you regularly carry a backpack, a briefcase, a gym bag, a computer bag, a camera case, golf bag, musical instrument cases, camping, tennis, fishing, other sports bags, or any other bag. SecureBAG-TAG is ideal to protect your property from theft or from being lost. We also offer ready to ship retail versions designed for a variety of personal property protection purposes. Links to the individual sites are listed below.

Visit SecureBAG-TAG (Click Me!) for full details.

Order Stainless Steel Security Cables:
Retail and Wholesale Pricing. Custom Lengths Available.

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Stainless Steel Security Cables- SecureBag-Tag Individual Orders

Stainless Steel Security Cables- Wholesale, Municipal, Government Sales

Custom Made Stainless Steel Security Cables

Stainless Steel Security Cables in Retail Packaging & Bulk
See all cables in stock. Available in 4", 6", 8", 12", 18", 36"
Lengths IN STOCK and 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm & 2mm Thickness.

Gold, Silver, Color Plated Custom Bulk Sales

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KN95 Masks

COVID-19 KN95 Masks


Diver Equipment Tag Kit


Bike Tag Kit ONLY $9.95

18 Pt. Mirror Kit
SecureVIN 18 Pt. Mirror & Glass Etching Kit

Life Vest Emergency Signaling

SecureVIN 2 Vehicle Kit
Auto Glass Etching
Only $26.95 Complete

SecureVIN 2 Auto Glass Etching Kit
Auto Glass Etching
Only $17.95 Complete

SecureVIN Auto Glass Etching Kit

CCTV/Alarm Decals
CCTV Systems

Home Security Decal
High Security Key
Tags & Key Chains

5 High security key tags and chains $21.95
Custom Key Tags
& RFID Tags

Tags for Collier School District

Disco DJ Lighting
Extension Brackets
Light Safety Cables
Nylon Bolt Sets

Disco DJ Lighting Brackets, Safety Cables
Do Not Duplicate Key Tags

Do Not Copy Duplicate Key Tags

Self-Adhesive Plastic

Package of 2 sheets. Retail display shown.

Dog Repellent
DogSneeze Repellent

Convert Business Cards into Luggage Tags
to Luggage Tags.

3 of your business cards turned into luggage tags with grommets and stainless steel cables.

Security Cables for Tile BlueTooth Devices

RFID Tag Video - Gold on Black Tags, RFID Tag Video - Gold on Silver Tags

Customer Support - Blue Planet Property Recovery Network
Universal Property Recovery Network

Blue Planet Registrar Domain Registration & Hosting

LED Lantern & Candle Power Supply, AA & AAA Battery Eliminators, Bar Lighting

Read about how locks are ripped off of bags by baggage systems and how a $1.00 option available here can prevent this problem.

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