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Kid's backpacks, gym bags and musical instrument cases are expensive and often contain expensive property. Books and binders are also valuable. SecureKIDtag protects the expensive backpack and contents that you have purchased for your child. The system protects personal property from theft and helps to secure its return if lost. The kit is only $12.95.

One of the security features is that your child name, address or telephone number is not exposed to anyone who might come across your kid's packpack, school books or other items. It maintains personal security and privacy at the same time. Placing your child's name on a backpack or other items gives predators an opening to approach and talk to your child. Don't provide that doorway.

SecureKID Tag Kit A secure tag with heavy .10 mil plastic and a brass grommet which prevents the cable from ever pulling out is attached to your kid's backpack with the Blue Planet Security Corp. logo and warning, serial number, plus our 3d RFID radio chip and alarm circuit. This tag is the same as the tags in our other SecureBAG-TAG products but is thick tan card stock (110 lb). It is attached with a 6 inch multi-filament 1.5 mm thick stainless steel aircraft cable. The ends screw together and can be tightened with pliers or made permanent with a drop of super glue.

The kit also includes two laminated wallet cards with contact information and it also proves ownership. The kit includes two: one for the parent and one for the child. If there is ever a dispute over who owns a backpack, gym bag or other item, it can be settled quickly and absolutely. In addition, the one for the child includes our Exclusive Big Hole and a brass grommet so that it can be attached, or what we suggest, is to attach it to a lanyard and have your child wear it around their neck. It could also be attached to a belt loop or attached in some other way if your child is too young to carry a wallet. Placing it into the backpack or in a purse rather defeats the purpose of the lD card.

The kit includes 7 labels with serial numbers and contact information for use in books, ring binders, notebooks and other items. Like all of our products, the kit includes free registration and lifetime tracking. Found property can be reported by email, to our SSL secure website, or by either direct dial or a toll free 800 number. All telephone calls are automatically and legally recorded. The loss of minor items with the labels should only be reported on the web site.

The RFID tag is printed in Gold on Silver Mylar and is highly reflective. It also appears differently based on the angle and the lighting.

You are also free to print your own copies of the label or to write the serial number and onto other materials such as binders, folders and books.

RFID tag Children, even teenagers, often do not have much in the way of identification on them, and probably little that could be considered "official" identification. Should your child be injured or otherwise unable to speak, the Blue Planet Security wallet card with allow police and other authorized authorities to get in touch with you promptly.

The kit is packaged in a clear CD case. It makes a great gift and is a great fundraising item for non-profit organizations. You are invited to sell it in your retail store, on the web, or sell it to your friends with children. Although the product is marketed for children, the tags and ID card have the same name as our other products, SecureBAG-TAG.

SecureBAG-TAG and other Blue Planet products are available at select retail outlets. You can also order online on this site or other Blue Planet sites. Look for our products on eBay and on We offer checkout by PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon and by BluePlanet Direct, our own payment system.

No one product alone is going to provide adequate protection for your KID and related property from all threats. However, SecureKIDtags are an important and very economical line of defense. SecureKIDtags will help to prevent theft and provide valuable assistance to law enforcement in recovering your property and sending guilty parties to jail, or at least to detention.

Expansion kits with additional tags and security labels can be ordered with the same serial number at the website after you register your initial set of security tags. Optionally, you can also upload and store online photographs of your kid and their property. If the time comes when you need them, you will know exactly where they are. You can access them at any time and you can also request that we email them to law enforcement. Imagine photos of your child and/or stolen property sent to patrol cars right after you report the theft or your child missing.

Suggested Manuf. Retail Price: $12.95

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