SecureBIKEtag from Blue Planet Security Corp.
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SecureBIKEtag Wholesale Order Page

Wholesale order of 8 units at $5.00 each includes Free Countertop Display and Free Shipping.

Scroll down to order units with display or refill orders of 4 units or more without the countertop display.

Counter Display from the Front image

Counter Display shown from the direct front.
Display holds 4 SecureBIKEtag CD containers.

Counter Display from the Back image

Counter Display from the Back. Display also labeled on the back.

Inside back of display has a "Out of Stock. Please Re-Order" label for when the display is empty.

If you are in Florida, please send us a Sales Tax Resale Exemption Certificate. Thank you.

Counter display from left image

Counter Display from the Left showing Smart Phone label with instructions on getting more information at

Counter Display from Right image

Counter display from the Right showing our QRcode label for Smart Phones to take them directly to our mobile support site at

CD case packaging back side includes a bar code. MSRP is $9.95 though dealers can set their own local price.

Order 8 Units & Display with PayPal $40.00

Order Refill Units x4 $5.00 ea.

Qty. Times 4 Only

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