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Travel Tips 01 - What NOT to Put on Your Luggage Tags

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01/18/2021 Article by Dan F. Schramm

If you are like most people, you won't give much thought to luggage tags before your trip and will scribble your name and address on the paper tags the airlines provide at the checkin counter.

Big mistake. These cheap paper tags easily get damaged, destroyed and ripped off your luggage. That cheap paper tag can easily ruin your trip.

If they do survive, they give out more information than they should. Virtually everyone in the airport can see the information on your tags. Most experts agree you should avoid listing your home address. People don't just steal your luggage, they harvest information from it. With your street address on the tags, organized groups know you are not at home and can have your home burglarized. At your local airport, baggage handlers can easily make note of your name and address and then sell the information to criminals. This is much lower risk than stealing property from your bags and probably more profitable.

Lost Bags. Make certain your bag is not lost If your luggage gets lost before you arrive at your destination your home address does little good. Having your bag shipped home will not do you much good. At your destination your home address lets people know you are a tourist, and that you likely will not be around long or looking for your luggage or the personal property it contains. There is much less risk if they steal your luggage than that of a local. Experts recommend that if you must put your address on the bags, you should use your work address, a post office box or an address at a private postal store.

Likewise, do not use your home telephone number. Seasoned travelers know that criminals can easily do a reverse lookup and get your street address. Use a mobile number, a work number, or another number that will be answered. Ideally you want a number that will be answered 24 hours a day. Experts also recommend you do not use your primary email address. Get a different email address and use it for your travel related email. Also, it is best not to use your full real name for the email address as many businesses do.

If you travel internationally to countries with anti-American feelings, it is best not to identify yourself as an American citizen on your luggage tags.

Although it might be tempting not to put your full name on the tags, that would work against you as airline employees quickly scan luggage tags trying to locate your lost/misplaced baggage. Having another way to identify your luggage would also be ideal.

Many of these reasons are why tags with various types of covers are sold, but the covers are easy to remove, or more likely will just be destroyed in the baggage handling process. Covered tags also make it much easier for you or someone else to grab the wrong bag.

The one luggage tag system you can purchase that solves all of these problems is available at Secure Bag-Tags are the most secure luggage tags there are, in either the retail version or our custom version manufactured just for you.

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