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(07-02-14) -Excellent product, excellent customer service.

My wife and I travel regularly, and a recurring problem has been luggage tags that get torn off or get significantly damaged. The secure tags from Blue Planet security are very substantial, very visible and contain the necessary information to aid in the quick return of lost luggage. The metal bands to attach the tags to your suitcase add another level of security. When I had questions before my purchase, as well as several follow-up questions, I received a prompt response. I recommend this product line for all travelers, not only for luggage but also for briefcases and other small packs.

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I Love My Tags!

Hello Dan

You have got these security tags down to a science!!

My name and secure ID information is printed straight and has a clean professional look and the photo of me that I emailed you is embedded in the badge perfectly making it professional-looking. The plastic lamination is bullet proof which is so professional looking.

The steel cable through-the-grommet of the badge is the best feature one could ask for . . . you could hang from this off the Empire State Building and feel safe.

Even when looking at the printing through an 8X loupe the printing quality looks sharp.

The fast turn-around and very fair pricing makes it the secure personalized luggage ID badge the best bang for the buck.

Thanks so much for a cool wonderful product . . definitely a god-send in today's rough and tough world.

It really adds an extra layer of badly needed security with so many advantages.

Your luggage photo-ID is very clever and unarguably a terrific way to remove any doubt . .that the luggage belongs to the correct person.

Gratefully yours,

John P.

San Francisco, CA

Hi, Dan.

The backside of the aluminum or steel ThinkTankPhoto tag is blank, and I have a pTouch strong-adhesive label on there with my email and phone#. (This is a single tag, with just a serial number, that costs as much as our kit.)

My ideal choice for tags would be hybrid of a white aluminum or unbreakable/laminated tag that would be combination of my branding logo, email, phone# and recovery.

We offer custom tags with a customer's business logo.

Yours was the closest and most ideal design I could find, pouring over google searches, and other photographers blog posts about their gear.

I agree the lanyard on the thinktankphoto tag is too long, and likely to hook on something. What I do like about it though is that it lays flush against the bag and can be tucked into an adjacent pocket. Other products I looked at include the Prosafe™ 750 key-card lock and Prosafe™ 310 mini combination lock.

I decided on BluePlanetSecurity tags because of their well-thought simple design features like brass grommets, steel cables and customization options. Other products I could find offered no branding or customization; or you had to order hundreds of pieces to get far fewer features. The website has useful education, travel tips and a complimentary products for similar applications.

I'll likely be buying more stuff once I resolve which locks to purchase for my Pelican case: ProSafe or the LewisNClark.

Thanks for your advice and products.
Best regards,

Mark then placed an order for $140.00 worth of our security products.

Thank you for my order. It's awesome! I appreciate all the attention to detail and consolidating my tag numbers.

I am very happy. :)

Mark M. 04-15-12

As of 07-02-14, not one single piece of luggage with SecureBag-Tags has been reported lost or stolen. The only incident was a tag coming off a piece of luggage at the Honolulu Hawaii airport which was found on the tarmac. Airport security called to tell us and ask if we wanted the tag back. I would say that this is a good endorsement that our tags are taken seriously by professionals in the industry.

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See our eBay Feedback.

Our feedback is for a wide range of products. SecureBag-Tag was our first security product.

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