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If you are ordering MORE THAN ONE KIT, use the comment section in the order form, or email us separately if you want all the kits to have the same serial number, or if you want them to have separate serial numbers.

Email your photograph in .JPG .GIF or .PNG format,
(file attach it to your email) together with your name and email address
as you want them to appear on your SecureBAG-TAG to:

Be sure to tell us what EMAIL address you want on the tags. Sometimes it is not the one that is used to send us the photo.

If you order on Amazon or Google, we do NOT get your email address, so please include that.

Optionally, we can also include your mobile telephone number beneath the email address.

If Your Luggage is Lost:

You can report lost luggage by email, direct dial telephone, our 800 Toll Free Number or by filling out the form at For additional security all telephone calls are legally recorded.

Contact us using the information on your SecureBAG-TAG ID wallet card or on the back of a tag from one of your other bags. Using our secure website is the best option. You can also send email or telephone us. The toll free 800 number is for use within the U.S. only. The direct dial number can be used anywhere. All telephone calls are legally and automatically recorded.

Don't panic. Most bags are only temporarily lost by your airline, usually due to a transfer issue. You'll report the lost bag to airline customer service first, and chances are they will find it. It may help them find it if you let them know about SecureBAG-TAG, what the tag looks like and the fact that there is a similar label inside the bag as well. I can tell you from personal experience that airline customer service will assume you are a professional traveler and an important customer, and they will work a little bite harder for you than on average.

For example, I somehow left a bag on the xray machine belt in customs at Miami International (one of the worse airports for lost luggage) after flying in from JFK, (after flying from Istanbul and the flight 3 hours late) containing a $3,000 camcorder and lots of other goodies. Anybody coming through that line after me could easily have picked it up and walked off with it, but I think the tag disabused people of that idea. It took them a good day, but airport security called me to tell me they had my bag. That was a 300 mile drive the next day, but glad to get the camera bag, and all the video tapes back, needless to say.

Our competition in England wants you to visit their website and type in your entire travel schedule in advance. Then they will provide information to authorized people. How they know a person is actually authorized to get your travel information is anyone's guess, especially as it is all done through a web site and there is no actual customer service.

We provide real customer service, usually live 24 hours a day, though sometimes calls will go to voice mail. Our VM system though immediately sends an email to the person on call. With our system you don't need to contact us unless a bag is lost. We put you together with the finder of your luggage. We provide you with their information, not them with your information, unless that is not possible.

Please, we do urge you not to call the emergency numbers just to see if they work. They do. This just ties up lines and employee time, and with the 800 number we pay for every minute. Our pricing is really reasonable and we would like to keep it that way. Thanks.

If you are traveling somewhere exotic and you think communications might be a problem there, then you do have the option of uploading your travel information. Airlines will contact you directly, so really we would only need to know hotel names, telephone and email and the dates you are staying there. This is strictly optional and will not be necessary in most cases.

The very interesting window roof of the Istanbul Turkey airport's international area. Something to break up the text. Photo by Dan Schramm. Use in Foreign Countries:

The official language of the airline industry and air traffic control is English, so you will probably be able to find customer assistance in English at all commercial airports and major hotels in the world.

If a piece of your luggage is lost, go online preferrably, and fill out the lost luggage report. Include the email address of the hotel, or better yet, a specific person there in customer service. If a local calls who does not know English (some English is needed to read the tag of course) the call is recorded. We can email the recording directly to you or to your hotel.

As the system gets into wider use, the foreign language options will increase and live customer service will be available in different languages.

In the case of email reports of found luggage, we have software programs to translate. We also have individuals on call to translate. The international community, especially Eastern Europe, is well represented in Key West, FL. Of course, we will usually forward the email to you and a local on your end can just read it to you.

In the case of theft, the product is designed so that nobody is going to want to steal it. Even baggage handling employees and TSA flunkies at the airport won't know what to make of it and are very likely to leave it alone. (Most airline baggage handling is automated and the employees have little time to mess with your stuff nor privacy to do it.) Like burglars, they just move on to the house or car without the alarm or other safeguards. Even dishonest TSA employees are not likely to want to mess with a bag with an RFID chip nor something called Blue Planet Security Corporation.

Any Questions?

Contact us by email (preferred) or telephone customer service.

Office: 305-897-2593 or U.S. Toll Free 1-800-518-1206

Blue Planet Security Corporation TOLL FREE: 1-800-511-9147

Any problems, call Dan Schramm, CEO directly at 305-570-1188.
Please, normal business hours (Eastern) only, this is a cell phone.
And frankly, how many companies on the web even have phone numbers posted, much less the president of the company?

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