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A Word About Carry-On Luggage

Even if you intend to carry-on a piece of luggage, camera or computer case, or a backpack, you should still have a secure luggage tag on it. You might be forced to check that bag or you could inadvertently leave it in a taxi, on an airport seat, in the restroom, or somewhere else. There are other ways you can get separated from your carry-on, so remember to put a SecureBAG-TAG on your carry-on bags as well.

How SecureBAG-TAG Protects Your Luggage-

Inside tags and plastic adhesive sheets There are different threats to your luggage and SecureBAG-TAG addresses them all in a convenient and low cost system. Short of using GPS transmitters inside of your bags, SecureBAG-TAG is the best option for the price. The tags are virtually indestructible in normal usage and the strap provided to connect them is permanently unless cut. We also offer steel cables which are extremely difficult to cut for even more security and we also offer TSA approved locks.

Pictured at Right: The kit also includes 3 tag/labels to use inside your luggage, plus you receive 3 quality Seal-a-Card plastic adhesive sheets to place over the labels which secures and protects them even further. If anything happens to the main tag, these labels will secure the return of your luggage. (Note: The registration number is not shown in this example. The numbers are printed when your order is produced.)

Lets look at your other options.

You can use ordinary luggage tags with your name and address. These help to identify your bags but having them shipped home will do you no good while you are on a trip. The tag is not going to tell anyone where you are now or where you are going next on your trip. Most luggage tags are also cheap and can easily come off your bags and are easy for people to remove. If your bag is lost and has no identification, it is lost forever.

Then there are the photo tags that many sites sell. Most of the tags shown are of cute animals and similar subjects. They cost $7.95 or more for one tag. These only serve one purpose, to help you to identify your luggage on the airport baggage carousel. You write your name and address on the blank white side. This doesn't do any more than any other standard tag.

Some commentators say that having your name, address and telephone number on a luggage tag creates a risk for identity theft. Although that is debatable, we do not put your address or telephone number on the tag. We think that letting a potential thief know where you are from is a security risk in another way. Thieves are likely to target luggage on the basis of where people are from. Stealing the luggage of a tourist is probably safer than stealing luggage of a local. The same goes for muggings and other crimes in a tourist town.

SecureBAG-TAG shown with optional steel cable SecureBAG-TAG has your (or more than one person) photograph and name(s) on the front side with one email address. SecureBAG-TAG is larger than any other luggage tag available on the internet so it is easier to spot. This provides a number of benefits. If there are any questions on who owns a bag, the answer will be obvious and security will send you on your way. A photograph works in all languages. SecureBAG-TAG does not include your address or telephone number. Anyone looking at the tag will have no idea where you are from and couldn't possibly use the information for identity theft or any other scam.

For travelers seeking the utmost in convenience, reliability and predictability, guarantees delivery of baggage from doorstep to destination Airlines gave up baggage claim checks years ago because it cost too much and delayed passengers. Now anyone can pick up your bag and walk off with it. If someone is intent on stealing a bag, they are likely to pass up your bag with SecureBAG-TAG and steal someone else's, just like burglars usually pass up houses with alarm systems. This is a real problem and probably accounts for a significant amount of lost luggage. In fact, recently a couple in Phoenix were arrested for stealing thousands of pieces of luggage. Police found 1,000 suitcases inside their house. The really scary story is that they were able to enter the airport and remove luggage many hundreds if not thousands of times before they were finally caught.

Finally, there is one other reason for your photograph. If a bag has a photo of the owner, the thief will not want to risk being caught with it. It will be obvious it is not his bag. No excuse is likely to convince security. Plus, it is possible other people will also be right there getting their bags and there is a significant risk for the thief that another passenger will see the photo and notice the thief is not the owner. The thief is not likely to pull out a knife at the luggage carousel and cut the tag off with people watching. (Even that is impossible with our stainless steel cable option. It is impossible to break the stainless steel cable and with its many filaments, it is extremely difficult and time consuming to cut.) No! Indeed not, he will simply grab another bag and be gone as quickly as possible.

To discourage pilfering and theft even further and to help protect soft-bags with multiple zippers, we offer the Blue Planet Zipper Seal which is available on the order page.

REGISTRATION of Your Bag Included

The back of the SecureBAG-TAG includes information on how to return the bag if it lost and someone finds it. The tag has a unique registration number printed on both sides. The registration number on the front is an additional warning to any thieve that the bag is registered and can be tracked. This also helps to make sure your bag is not stolen.

The back of the tag includes full information on contacting Blue Planet Security Corporation to locate the bag owner. We provide:

If your bag is lost, simply give us a call (24 hours a day) and let us know how you can be contacted wherever you are. You can also send us email or go online to our SSL secure web site at When your bag turns up, we can give the finder a local number to reach you at amd/or provide you with the finder's contact information.

We provide a convenient laminated wallet card with all of our contact information and your personal registration number. Our contact numbers for SecureBAG-TAG services are separate from our general numbers and are dedicated to this service. If a couple is in the photograph, you can order a second convenient wallet card at only $3.00.

When someone finds your lost luggage and calls one of our telephone numbers and speaks with one of our representatives, the call is automatically recorded. If the call goes to voice mail, an email is automatically sent to employees on call who will then handle it promptly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The registration service is free for life. Our only competition charges you lots more up-front plus $8 per year. Hope you don't mind sending your money off to England. Their tag only has their information. If you do not continue to pay, the tag will do you no good. It doesn't even have your name on it. It has only their website address. It is worthless.

We offer a CAUTION on how the competitors operate and how we compare.

The competition has ONLY their web site address on their tags. There is no email address, no telephone number or other alternate ways to reach them. It is an online system only. There are lots of problems with it that you can about in the Caution Message above.

If they failed, their tags are completely worthless. SecureBAG-TAG has many features that make the tag useful regardless.

How the 800 Number Helps You!

In the United States we provide an 800 number on SecureBAG-TAG. This makes it easy for the finder to contact us at no expense to them. It also provides an additional security feature. If the person calling us changes their mind or otherwise does not follow up, we have the telephone number they called from. This number can be provided to the police and they can track down the caller and likely get your luggage back. The number calling our 800 number is automatically recorded. It is called ANI (Automatic Number Identification) and unlike Caller ID, this number can not be blocked. All calls to our emergency numbers are also automatically recorded.

Exclusive Features Secure Your Bags!
SecureBAG-TAG RFID Chip Circuit Many people are aware of RFID tags and know they can be read by electronic devices at a distance. Most people have some idea what they look like but nobody knows if a tag is real or not as they are produced in many different configurations. Highway toll payment devices here in Florida use RFID chips for example. The simulated RFID tag on the SecureBAG-TAG will scare off even crooked airline employees and your average crook will run in the other direction.

It is something very new for luggage protection but will become increasingly known. It is also normally very expensive. Airlines and airports have been experimenting with RFID tags for several years and some airports have implemented the system for baggage control. The RFID tags are part of the bar coded luggage tags airlines put on your bag.

Airlines routinely use bar codes for baggage handling and it would not be a good idea for us to include a bar code on the tag. Likewise, there is no way to make an RFID chip that would actually do anything inside the airport. Even if it did, it would not be read by anything in the baggage pickup area or anywhere in the terminal. There are many different types of RFID chips and the systems are not interchangable. They work on different frequencies, with different ranges, and store various amounts of data from 32 characters to 2,000 characters. The format of the data is up to whoever is selling the chips. SecureBAG-TAG chips would only store the serial number.

The chip is simulated (So described for legal reasons.) , but real looking. In the near future customers will be offered a choice between real working RFID chips and the simulated chip. No thief is ever going to know the difference, so the deterent effect is the same.

No thief is going to stand around studying it on someone else's luggage. Like a house or car with an alarm, the thief will move on to an easier target.

SecureBAG-TAG has a very realistic looking RFID chip on the back. Assuming a thief sees the tag, they will definitely be scared off and will not take a bag with our tag. This is an additional feature that no other luggage tag offers to help keep your luggage and possessions safe and secure. Finally, the chip has wires simulated running around the "big hole" giving the impression that is the tag is ripped off, it will activate. Nobody is going to take that chance.

Security with the SecureBAG-TAG is both physical and psychological, as are the best security systems.

To learn more about the SecureBAG-TAG RFID Device Details click the link.

The Big Hole Explained

The Exclusive Big Hole makes it more difficult for a thief to remove the tag.SecureBAG-TAG has another exclusive feature. There is a hole punched into the card.

Bag-Tag hole before grommet and actual RFID chip simulation attached. Not just any hole. First, a hole is punched into the tag paper material itself before the entire tag is heat-sealed. Then a hole is punched through the plastic that is smaller than the original hole in the paper, thus the hole is reinforced by a ring of sealed plastic. Then to make it indestructible, an aluminum grommet is compressed into the hole with a mechanical press.

Learn why this makes the card much more secure and discourages the theft of your luggage by clicking the link below.

To learn more details for the reason SecureBAG-TAG has The Exclusive Big Hole click this link.

When we say SecureBAG-TAG is the "ULTIMATE" luggage tag, we are NOT kidding.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- If you are not completely satisfied with the SecureBAG-TAG set, return it within 10 days for a FULL REFUND. We will even eat the shipping cost of sending it to you.

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