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Sheet of BPS Seals Blue Planet offers one additional way to protect your luggage: Blue Planet Security Zipper Seals.

Soft bags these days have multiple compartments and it is not always practical to put locks on every compartment. If you do not use TSA approved locks, they might well be cut off which is a big waste of money and then there is no lock protecting that part of your bag.

Blue Planet Security seals are also great for using as security seals on boxes in your luggage or even ones you are mailing. Use them as security seals on mail.

When the TSA started inspecting checked luggage they cut off the locks as there were no TSA approved locks at that time. Many travel sites and other outlets began selling seals to put on the luggage and zippers rather than a lock. Magellan for example sells the "PrivaSeal" in a pack of 20 for $7.85. This plastic seal clips on where a lock usually would. It has a serial number. It can easily be cut or twisted off.

The idea is that it will discourage pilfering of the luggage. The purpose is also to let the luggage owner know if someone, including the TSA, had entered the bag.

Blue Planet Security offers something similar to help discourage theft and pilfering. It also helps to protect soft sided bags that can be cut open. It works in addition to our SecureBAG-TAG product, but could be used separately as well. It is also great to protect zippers where it is not practical to use a lock.

Blue Planet Security Zipper Seals also makes it easier to spot your baggage in an airport or other baggage pickup line.

If you have TSA locks but don't have the indicator locks, these seals are a great way to know if TSA or someone else has opened your bag.

Blue Planet Zipper Seals are printed in two colors of ink on 1.5 x 1.5 inch self-adhesive labels. It includes the Blue Planet Security logo in Blue and website address. One sheet contains 24 labels.

The layout of the seal allows you to fold it in half over a set of zippers, allowing it to act much as a zipper lock and seal in one.

A sheet of 24 labels is only $3.00.

You can order these on the Order Page as you order your SecureBag-Tags.

Exclusive Big Hole

SecureBAG-TAG has the exclusive "Big Hole" that gives the tag much more strength than it otherwise would have. The "big hole" has a larger hole in the paper card than is in the plastic, which provides a strong seal when the card lamination is heat sealed. Then an aluminum or brass grommet is compressed into the hole with a mechanical press, making it impossible for a person to rip out the cable. In other words, the plastic is heated sealed under the grommet to increase the strength of the grommet hole. Additionally, you will notice that the hole is not at the very edge of the card making it even stronger. Our high-grade (non-magnetic) stainless steel cables are impossible to break and very difficult to cut, especially in an airport. As a practical matter, nobody is going to take the risk and will simply move on to the next bag.

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