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Free Lifetime Tracking, Indestructible,
Your Photo & Email/Phone -- SecureBAG-TAG

No Tagged Luggage Has Ever Been Stolen. No Yearly Fees.

SecureBAG-TAG is the best product to keep your luggage from getting lost or stolen during travel.
It is designed to do several things better than any other product.

  • First, it is designed with exclusive features so that your bag does not get stolen in the first place.
    Our tags don't just ward off intentional thieves, they are distinctive enough to prevent
    another passenger from taking your bag by mistake.
    It includes unique physical and psychological security designs to protect your luggage.

  • Second, if it is lost, the tag is designed to speed the recovery and return of your bags.
    No other luggage tag offers this ability like SecureBAG-TAG.

  • Third, the tag is very unique, making it easier to spot your luggage and saving you time. It also eliminates any
    dispute over who owns the bag by including your photo, inside labels and an Ownership ID wallet card.

  • Front of Tag with Dan Schramm, President pictured. NOT shown full size

    If you travel, luggage security is a major issue. Not only are thousands of bags lost every day, but many more are the subject of searches and other scrutiny. SecureBAG-TAG provides secure and positive proof of the bag's ownership plus will help prevent it from going missing or being tampered with.

    SecureBAG-TAG is simply the most secure luggage tag you can purchase. There is nothing that compares to it available anywhere. It has a number of exclusive and original features that protect your baggage. Read our site to learn all the details and why this is the best $28.95 travel purchase you will ever make.

    SecureBAG-TAG has the exclusive "Big Hole" that gives the tag much more strength than it otherwise would have.

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    Protect Your Privacy: Placing your name and home address on a luggage tag is an invitation to thieves. Our system protects your privacy. Read our Blog on how risky it is to use your home information on a luggage tag.

    Finally, even if the tag is removed from your luggage (which takes time, considerable effort and special tools), our included inside tag will help make sure your luggage is recovered. No other luggage tag even comes close. In addition, you receive a laminated wallet card with your registration number and full instructions. You can use the card to prove the luggage is yours even if the outside tag is removed as the internal tags include your personal registration/tracking number.

    Don't let your trip be ruined and your valuable luggage auctioned off. Over 300,000 bags are lost in the U.S. each year, and over 250,000 monthly worldwide. Over 14,000 bags are lost each DAY by airlines. There are businesses that do nothing but auction off lost luggage. Make certain it is not YOUR luggage. The SecureBAG-TAG is ideal for today's levels of airport security and has been well received by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

    Even if you are not traveling, if you regularly carry a backpack, a briefcase, a camera case, golf bag, musical instrument cases, camping, tennis, fishing, other sports bags, or any other bag. SecureBAG-TAG is ideal to protect your property from theft or from being lost. SecureBAG-TAG is also ideal for tool and equipment cases and can be produced with a company logo rather than an individual photograph.

    Even if you don't travel, get a set of SecureBAG-TAGS for your family: kid's backpacks, dad's briefcase and mom's purse or laptop case. An ideal way to identify your bags and cases and help prevent them from being lost or stolen.

    Baggage system on a cruise ship Airports are not the only place with baggage handling systems or where you get separated from your luggage. Cruise ships have similar systems, one of which is shown in the photograph to the right. Bus stations also separate you from your luggage. If you do any traveling, SecureBAG-TAG will help protect your bags and make it easier to identify them.

    SecureBAG-TAG(tm) includes:
    * 3 luggage tags and 3 Stainless Steel Cables.
    * Easy to Spot Large 2.5x4.25 Inch Tags.
    * Your photograph printed in full color on each tag.
    * Custom Printed with your name and email address.
    * Optional, also printed with your mobile telephone number.
    * Printed on 32lb. Hammermill Gloss Paper for Color Lasers
    * Unique Registration Number Printed on Both Sides of the Tag.
    * Free Lifetime Tracking, Available 24/7/365.
    * The Thickest Available Plastic Tag, 10 mil., Heat Sealed
    * 3 Self-Adhesive Registration Labels and Plastic Lamination to ID Your Bags Inside.
    * Plastic Laminated Wallet Card with Your Registration Number and Instructions.
    * Exclusive heat sealed Big Hole that allows more secure attachment
    to your luggage plus reinforced with Aluminum Grommet.
    * A Special Hi-Tech RFID Feature That Will Scare Off Even the Most Experienced Criminal!
    * Complete 3-Bag System Only $18.95

    As a Special Bonus, we also give you 3 self-adhesive serial number registration labels with lamination to place inside your baggage. These tags contain your serial number and instructions should your bag be lost and later found. They also are positive proof of ownership. Airline security can contact us and we can verify the owner. The inside labels protect your bag should the outside tag be removed for any reason. SecureBAG-TAG's are sold in packs of three, SecureBAG-TAG Jr. is sold as a single tag package.

    Laminated Wallet Card

    SecureBAG-TAG Ownership ID
    You also receive a laminated wallet size card with your registration number and instructions on what to do if one of your bags is lost. If you have two people in your picture, you can order a second wallet card for only $3.00 (when ordered at the same time as the kit).

    The wallet card might even help in the recovery of your wallet if it is lost or stolen. Although your wallet certainly has lots of information about you, it is not going to do you much good for someone to mail your wallet to your home address if you are on vacation. With the SecureBAG-TAG wallet card you can be contacted by Blue Planet and reunited with your property.

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