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Reference Checking and other Job Reference Services
Outsourced human resources for businesses, hr services for bankrupt businesses.

This is the operations site for our line of security luggage and bag tags and our secure key rings. Register your tags at this site, report lost or found tags. Provides an introduction and links to each of our security products. Includes information and secure ordering pages for our SecureBAG-TAG Deluxe line of products for retail sales. SecureBAG-TAG and the Jr. version, plus the Secure-KEYS product are available in a retail version for retail and online sales.
The ultimate personalized and secure luggage tag. Also secure personalized tags for backpacks, briefcases, camera cases and other bags. This tag helps to prevent your luggage from being stolen or lost and helps it to be recovered. Economical and easy to use. We also have
Quick order and payment of our line of stainless steel security cables.
Affiliate marketing website and future shopping cart site.
Emergency Medical Alert System. Database sites are and
Secure-KEYS is a system to help in the recovery of lost or stolen keys. The tags are virtually indestructible as are the stainless steel keyrings. Learn about the ultimate keyring. Government Sales
Secure-KEYS offers our stainless steel key chains at wholesale rates for municipal and government purchasers. Custom key tags are also available.
The Key to Security. Custom version of our SecureBAG-TAG product for company security, identification, and inventory protection. The tags are virtually indestructible. Available printed one or two sides, available with serial numbers.
SecureVIN- Auto Glass Etching Kits. Secure your vehicle. Most complete and economical way to protect your vehicle from theft. Also info on the Henny Kilowatt electric car. This service provides a designated agent for notifications under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 while maintaining the privacy of the website or ISP owner. This service is available for only $59.95 per year. A new service to verify and certify information on the internet as to its truthfulness. Originally intended for customer testimonials and similar statements used on websites. Also available for print publications, commercials and infomercials. This is also the only economical way to deal with defamation on websites and blogs by injecting the opinion of a neutral third party. Also, and , and We also have This domain is for an upcoming service in conjunction with

Blue Planet Box in Key West, FL
Emergency home access system with doorknob key lock box. Convenient system to keep track of codes for home access for trusted care givers, temporary care givers, and fast emergency access for police, fire and emergency medical technicians. Available with or without key box. Can be used for business access such as for cleaning crews, and emergency access for police and fire.

BLUE PLANET SERVICES AND PRODUCTS- Upcoming site for healthy and sustainable food production and sales.
Manufacturer's representative, warehousing, shipping and billing services.
Virtual disposable telephone numbers.
Blue Planet Electron Corporation -- Electronics Research and Manufacturing. LEDpower+ Candle/Lantern power supplies and other consumer products. EMP protection devices and systems. RFID Tracking Systems.
Blue Planet Trailer Corporation -- Trailer Manufacturing. Specializing in EMP protected trailers for government. Trailer VIN assistance and remanufacturing. Certified Trailer Manufacturer: US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration -- World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Assignment 4B9xxxxxxxx049. Nationwide Incorporation Information.
Safe checkin service, virtual personal bodyguard and related personal protection services.


Florida Corporate- Florida Incorporation Information. Florida registered agent service. Only registered agent service in Key West, Florida. Incorporation kits. Florida stock certificates. Corporate seals.

Keys Voice- Your independent voice in the Florida Keys. "By the People, for the People." Free communications platform for Key West. - Free Telephone Directory Assistance for Key West. Key West 411. Free Listings Available.

Television Key West- Video/Audio Equipment Rental and Production Services

Key West Audio Audio Equipment Rental, Wedding Sound

GLINN MEDIA CORPORATION- Gay Lesbian International News Network, the Gay Media Database, Gay News Distribution.

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