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Fishing Kit Blue Planet Security offers this premium fishing kit not as a stand-alone survival kit, but as an add-on to other survival kits. It includes many useful things not found in any other commercial survival kit. Contained in a heavy duty zip-lock bag 8x6x2 inches overall (weighing less than 5 oz), the kit contains a 6x5/8 wooden dowel with 50 feet of 65lb fishing line attached to provide a compact and sturdy substitute for a fishing pole allowing you to control letting out the line and pulling it back in. The dowel is stained in dark walnut and has a clear poly coating. It has slots on each end which hold single edge razor blades (at different orientations) for cleaning fish. The kit includes 3 blades.

The kit includes a selection of 10 fresh water hooks and 2 Mustad Brand Size 1 stainless steel hooks for salt water fishing. It also includes a black interlock snap swivel to make changing hooks easy and to securely attach it to the line with a selection of 3 red/white floats/bobbers. Because it might not be possible to dig for worms, the kit has a pack of 4 silicone worms and a pack of 5 glow-in-the-dark light sticks with 30 meter visibility for night fishing.

For additional survival purposes the kit includes a high intensity dual whistle with a compass attached and a waterproof container of 25 wooden matches with a striker so you can cook your fish.

To increase your comfort the kit includes a box of 10 mosquito repelling patches, 4 mosquito repellent wrist bands, and a package of Pain Relief Vietnam Red Tiger Balm Plaster Backache Muscular Pain Joint Pain patches. A half dozen small black cable ties and 4 6 twist ties are included to help seal bags of fish or waste, etc. The entire kit weighs less then 5 oz.

Made by Blue Planet Security Corporation; a division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. in Key West, FL of US and foreign materials. Also consider our ResqVester life vest signaling system, SharkSneeze shark repellent and our unique compact Rural/Urban Survival Kits and Personal Emergency Comfort Kits.

UPC: 634385896714

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