Turn Your Business Cards into Luggage Tags
A Service of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. & Blue Planet Security Corp.

3 Cards with 10mil Lamination, Metal Grommets & Stainless Steel Cables $12.95

Choice of Grommet Color and Location.
Available with Black, White or Nickel Grommets.

Price includes turning 3 business cards into luggage tags
with black, white or nickel grommets and 6" stainless steel 1.5mm thickness cables.
This heat sealing process creates the strongest luggage tags possible, equal to our regular line of
Custom Secure Luggage Tags.

We use only the highest quality non-magnetic stainless steel.

Optional: Scroll down to order with 2mm thick stainless steel cables at slight added cost.

Grommet can be mounted left, right, top or bottom of the card.

Optional: If you have single sided business cards, send us double the number of cards and you can have double-sided
luggage tags at only $2.00 more. Make a note of this with your cards when mailed to us and/or with your PayPal order.

Mail 4 business cards to Blue Planet Offices, Inc. at the address below.

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One Sided Luggage Tags -- $12.95

Grommet Color
Grommet Location

UPC: 791090411028

Double Sided Business Cards into Luggage Tags

Card with White Grommet and nickel washer
Note: The white grommet has a nickel plated washer on the reverse. Back grommets have black washers. The washer prevents the grommet from pulling through the plastic and paper.

2 Sided Luggage Tag Short mp4 Video Demonstration

Mail 8 business cards to Blue Planet Offices, Inc. at the address below.

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Two Sided Luggge Tags - Business Card on Each Side - $14.95

Grommet Color
Grommet Location


After ordering luggage tags, click CONTINUE SHOPPING and then add the cable upgrade.

Order with PayPal - Free Shipping

Upgrade to 2mm Cables, Plastic Coated or 4" x 2mm Cables

Cable Type

For quantities larger than 12, please contact us for a quote.

Nickel Grommet Shown.
Image shows the nickel grommet.

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MAIL your business cards to: (Include your order number)

You may also pay by mailing your personal or business check along with your cards. Or, if you do not want to use PayPal, please include your credit card information with your mailed business cards.

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