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Webmaster Utility Programs from Quaterra


Quaterra's ThumbMap (tm) is a small but extremely useful utility program to create map files for thumbnail images. It is intended for adult and other picture sites that use thumbnail images to allow visitors to select the actual photos they wish to view.

This is a three step process and the third step of creating the map files themselves is by far the most time-consuming and prone to error. Step one is creating the thumbnail image with a program like ThumbsPlus. You then use a HTML Map program to create the original map file, such as images dot map. Replace the file names with the ThumbMap replacement string. Now, you are all set to automatically create map files for all your thumbnail images automatically. No more copying map files and typing in the file names.

ThumbMap takes the names of the files from the specified sub-directory on your local drive and creates map files with the proper specified directory for your web server.

Then, simply FTP the map files and your image files to your web site. Fully functional. Registration only $25.00.

Download <"TMSetup.exe">THUMBMAP now. The file is a self-extracting zip.


Newpage creates an HTML page of what is new on your site. Designed especially for news and information sites that have many pages, and pages which change regularly. Newpage automatically creates a NEW PAGE HTML page that shows what is new, and it contains links to those pages. Run it on a local drive and upload the file to your web server. Newpage allows you to control all parts of the process. Fully functional. Registration only $15.00.

Download <"NewPageSetup.exe">NEWPAGE. The file is a self-extracting zip.

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