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Biography Image of Dan F. Schramm, CEO, Blue Planet Security Corporation. I was born in 1951.


I founded Blue Planet Offices, Inc. (a Florida corporation) in Key West, FL in 2005, though my business and legal experience goes back far beyond that which is detailed later in this article. I have also traveled extensively internationally and have done business overseas. I have a few websites about those experiences and have blogs on this site about travel security and related topics. I write the blogs, articles and other copy on all Blue Planet sites and have created many of the products that we sell. I have lived in Key West, FL since 2001.

Blue Planet Offices later launched Blue Planet Security Corporation, which is a dba/assumed name registered with the Florida Secretary of State owned by Blue Planet Offices, Inc. We also have other registered dba's.

Blue Planet Offices, Inc. provides registered agent service in Florida, at and provides a great deal of information about business and law. You can purchase my business book there "What to Do After You Incorporate" and on to help you run your own businesses with all the proper legal protections and insights in what not to do. I have also launched which has information on incorporation in all fifty states and lots of business information. It offers corporate record creation and storage service that will protect you against having your corporate shield disregarded by a court.

Blue Planet provides an audio/video rental service in Key West at, and some other local business activities. Check out our Free Key West Telephone Directory at

Originally I came up with the name to do a headquarters type company with low cost offices and desk space on demand around the world, together with a number of business services. (Needed a good sounding name that wasn't being used and which had the websites I wanted available.) The financing that was promised fell through so I went in some other directions with the company, though we still would like to launch that part of the business.

Our largest business division is Blue Planet Security Corporation which sells a line of stainless steel cables and various low cost products to protect personal property. We have some 30 websites for our security products and about 60 websites overall. Our products are available on,, and other places in addition to our own websites. Our most popular products are stainless steel security cables and you can quick order them at and our SecureVIN auto glass etching kit. We also have a dedicated catalog shopping cart site under construction at for our full range of products.

We are in the process of launching a number of internet related security services such as,, and other sites to improve internet security. Any takedown notices should be sent to

We also recently (Oct. 2018) launched domain hosting and domain registration services at and now have our own servers and our 84 sites on the Cloud on 38 servers around the world. All of our sites are now SSL secure and we offer free and real SSL certificates to all of our hosting customers.

Before moving to Florida I was the CEO of GLINN Publishing Corporation from its foundation in 1986/1987 and incorporation in 1992 until the corporation was dissolved in conjunction with our move to Florida where we have a new company, GLINN Media Corporation which is a DBA of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. Our new company operated the original GLINN web sites, but a change in business direction and a lack of time required us to sell some of them off and to close others down. Today some resources from GLINN including its gay timelines, the Gay Button Archive and other things are available on GayData.

From 1992 until September 1998 I was the Vice President of Quaterra Communications Corporation. I created Quaterra, supported by a group of 25 stockholders, to provide a TTY/TDD accessible computer bulletin board system called AbleServ for the deaf and hard of hearing. This was before the internet and web existed.

I invented a number of products for the Deaf/HOH including TTY Vision which allowed a color television to be used as the TTY display, and TTY Universal Voice Mail which was designed as a one and two line unit, as well as a rack mounted unit for commercial use to front voice mail systems enabling them to handle TTY devices.

Dan Schramm receives an award from the Wisconsin Small Business Innovation Consortium in Madison, WI during 1998. I wrote SBIR proposals for these and other products, winning 4 SBIR contracts totaling $470,000. I was the subject of a number of news and feature articles in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel business section. My first winning SBIR proposal was for a computer and TTY accessible automated telephone directory service from the U.S. Department of Education for $40,000.

The photograph shows officials of the Wisconsin Small Business Innovation Consortium giving me the last award we won in 1998. In 1999 the board of directors decided to close down the company. I won 3 SBIR recognition awards from the State of Wisconsin for federal contracts that I had won. They overlooked us in 1997 by mistake.

On a personal note, I have been involved in the Milwaukee gay community for over 25 years. In fact, I produced the first printed guide to the Milwaukee Gay/Lesbian community in 1975, and one of the first anywhere which had photographs of the nightclubs inside and out, and photographs of other attractions. Another first was the groundbreaking Hunter Fine Arts Society in 1973 which offered a catalog of gay/lesbian art, books and jewelry, together with a monthly magazine. This was an idea that was well before its time and no magazine would even let us use the word "gay" in our advertising.

I marched in the October 11, 1987 first March on Washington for Gay & Lesbian Rights, and the 1993 National March on Washington, New York's "Stonewall 25" Celebration, and took part in the National AIDS Quilt Memorial Weekend in Washington, D.C. October 11-13, 1996 (see photos, videos and listen to sound files on RageFilm).

Photos of numbered wristbands from March on DC, and Stonewall 25 in NY, NY In fact, many of those who were there will recognize the special numbered woven bands shown below that were only available at the March on Washington and at the Stonewall 25 celebration. Go to the Quilt Weekend site to read our coverage of and see photos and video clips of the AIDS Memorial Quilt Weekend in Washington, D.C.

GLINN started off in 1986/87 doing the phototypesetting, Photostats and other production work on both of Wisconsin's gay publications -- In Step Magazine and Wisconsin Light -- for nearly 10 years. Although we got out of the typesetting business when laser printers started getting economical for small publications, we shot Photostats for Wisconsin Light. until September 1996. We had a vertical process camera and it produced better screened prints than any scanner and laser printer could. We also helped out with various computer tasks and taking photographs. Of course, technology changed and we switched to a fully digital facility. The process camera and our darkroom setup were given away to a gay photographer and artist.

March on Washington shirt and buttons At one time, GLINN Publishing Corp. had 15 web sites, most for the LGBT community and was the parent of GLINN Network One, America's Gay Owned and Operated Internet Service Provider. We were the first national ISP especially for the LGBT community, offering dialup access from October 1997 to October 1999 when that portion of our business was sold. We have had gay web sites online since June of 1995. In fact, we have been online since 1988 with a computer bulletin board system, GLINN.NET which we switched from RBBS to Wildcat Interactive Net Server which was available on the Internet both by web browser, by Telnet, and by direct dial. It was first connected to the internet with a 128K ISDN line. Later when we launched GLINN Network One the systems ran on dual T1 circuits. T1 circuits were 1.5 mbps, which is kind of ironic as our office internet connection is nearly 90 mbps today for a fraction of the money.

The in-house servers and internet circuit was abandoned with our move to Key West, FL. GLINN Publishing (now GLINN Media Corporation) was also the parent of the Gay/Lesbian International News Network (, and the Gay Toons Syndicate. (The domain name was sold in 2002 for $10,000.) For ten years we also provided a free voice mail system for the glbt community called GLINN Community Voice Mail.

Today, we have sold off or closed down most of our gay sites and we have no adult content of any kind. We maintain, the gay media database, and we also offer a news distribution service for the gay community. Resources that previously had their own websites are now available there.

I also invented a gay game called Reality Street -- An EnterActive Game of Gay Decisions (tm) which has the underlying purpose of teaching HIV prevention in a totally new way. This game was funded in part by a Phase I SBIR government grant of $100,000 from CDC. Small Business Innovation Research, which all federal agencies participate in, offers Phase I contracts for early stage research and development. One in ten of Phase I contracts are awarded Phase II contracts for further research and development. Completed products are not expected in Phase I, however Quaterra was able to deliver a working program to CDC. Unfortunately the game program required additional programs to build characters, edit knowledge bases, conduct maintenance and do other things that were not budgeted, so I ended up spending $35,000 of my own money.

The programs produced, in full compliance with the contract, were delivered to the Centers for Disease Control. Under SBIR regulations Quaterra retained all rights to the product code. Dan Schramm owns all intellectual property rights to Reality Street. See the "Reality Street" game for the LGBT public to play on the web. The game consists of a number of interrelated programs written in C++ and Visual Basic. The most cutting edge part of the game is a natural language engine which allows human players to have interactive meaningful conversations with the computerized residents of the game neighborhood. See the site for details. Reality Street was conceived and proposed before the world-wide-web was well known. It was originally intended to run as a door program on a computer bulletin board system as it was developed before the web. It needs a considerable amount of additional work and needs to be adapted to run on the internet. Basicly I invented "The Sims" long before anyone thought of that. I have always hoped to raise the money to complete it but after all these years the programming is so far behind the curve that it would need to be re-written from scratch and that probably is not practical.

Dan sailing the Schooner America During the first half of 2004 I made two trips to the Ukraine, the last trip lasting four weeks, and I had a small team of programmers there working on modifications. Read all about the Ukraine at my site UkraineInsider now hosted with

In September 2001 I personally, together with GLINN, moved to Florida. My family had previously moved to Florida over the years, beginning 20 years ago, and it was time for a change. We also felt that Florida was a better location for a business such as ours in almost every respect. I was also really tired of shoveling snow. Prior to moving to Key West 17 years ago as of 2018, I visited Key West as a tourist over the previous 15 years about six times. On one visit in January 1997 I got to sail the Schooner America.

We have also recently began the launch of several new divisions of Blue Planet, including Blue Planet Trailer Corporation, Blue Planet DNA Corporation, Blue Planet Electron Corporation and Blue Planet Registrar Corporation.

Recently we have added some new products and sites for those products, such as for our original and exclusive shark repellent at and our low cost ResqVester, a life vest emergency signaling system.

One clever product offered by Blue Planet Electron is a product line of kits to electrify LED lanterns and candles to eliminate the constant expense and bother of replacing AAA batteries. Kits are available for devices that use 2, 3, 4 and 6 AAA batteries. We have also added kits for AA batteries.

In September 2013, Dan F. Schramm was elected as president of Park Place Securities, Inc. in Florida. Park Place is involved in foreclosure defense and REMIC trusts. Park Place is incorporated in Florida and is authorized to conduct business in New York, Indiana and Colorado, with more states ongoing. Check out my new book: "Homeowners Can Defeat Foreclosures". Park Place also owns Argent Mortgage Company, L.L.C. and CWALT, Inc. in some states. REMIC investors should visit

I also have a great deal of experience in law which is not really relevant on this site and is discussed on appropriate websites and in my books available at, iTunes and other locations. Don't want to bore everyone to death, there is enough stuff on this page as it is. How many business or website owners even provide contact information, or any names of real people, much less a personal biography? Thanks for reading.

Dan F. Schramm
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