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Blue Planet Security UltraViolet -- SecureUV

Only UV Marking System with Free Registration

Blue Planet Security presents SecureUV, the only complete UV (blacklight) marking kit for consumers which includes 24/7/365 tracking and free lifetime registration. You can use SecureUV independently or in combination with one of our other security tag kits. This is a complete system. No other product offers registration and tracking. No other product compares in any respect.

There are many personal property items where our Secure Tag products are not practical (except on carrying cases for larger items) such as personal electronics, laptops, cameras, tools and other items. SecureUV is perfect for those items. SecureUV does not help to prevent theft like the visible tags (you certainly would not want to let the thief know), but it is without doubt the most secure technique to easily identify your property.

UV Pens and UV Flashlights are No Cheaper

The only competition are UV pens. If you price UV pens and UV flashlights you will see they cost as much if not more than our entire SecureUV product. Some UV pens with and without UV flashlights are actually more expensive than our entire kit. You have no way of knowing how much ink is contained in any UV pen and what the actual cost is going to end up for your project.

In addition, your cheap uv pen puts down a very thin coat of ink (not designed for metal or plastic) and doesn't come with an automotive grade clear coat system to further protect the uv layer. When you are done reading this, tell us that $19.95 is too much money to help protect that expensive iPhone, iPad, camera or your other expensive personal property or that your uv pen is going to survive outdoors on your bicycle.

Try Writing Meaningful Information Freehand with a UV Pen

You will quickly learn that you can't write clearly and neatly enough for any small item. In addition, without being part of our system you are forced to write a great deal of information. Are you going to use your name? Lots of other people have the same name? Are you going to write your address? What happens if you have to move? Are you going to write your driver's license number? That will work with the police but it is a pretty long number to try to write on the back of your cell phone or iPad freehand. It is the same with your social security number, but don't make that mistake. The police can't look up your social security number nor can they do a search for a specific social security number. Although many businesses have tried to make your SS# an universal identification number, it is not. In addition, you are writing in INVISIBLE INK so it is really hard to keep track of what you have written and where you are.

UV Pens Use INK!

The bigger problem with the pens is that they use INK! Ink is fine for paper, cloth and other porous surfaces. In other words the ink needs something to soak into. The uv ink pens have to use thin ink so it will flow through the pen tip and not clog up. What the manufacturers do not tell you is that the uv pens are not designed for surfaces like metal and hard plastics, exactly what you will find your electronic devices made out of.

UV Pen Ink Won't Survive Outside or Normal Wear and Tear

The pen is not designed to be used outside and the ink will quickly wash and wear off anything exposed to the elements or even normal handling. What is worse, after you mark your items, you'll forget about the UV and by the time your item is lost or stolen, chances are the thin cheap ink has been worn off. The cheap uv ink pens give you a false sense of security.

SecureUV uses machine cut stencils of self-adhesive vinyl. Because it sticks to the surface, the uv paint doesn't run under the stencil. More importantly, the stencil holds the paint in place as it drys and it will dry to at least the thickness of the stencil (which works as a little paint dam), which is many times (at least 25x we calculate) the thickness of what you will get from an ink pen. We provide enough UV Paint to do two coats, so the paint will be about 50x thicker than the ink pen will deliver.

Blue Planet Uses Specially Formulated Expensive UV Paint.

SecureUV uses specially formulated UV PAINT. Our paint is formulated for use on metal and plastics. That is why we do not sell a cheap uv pen or marker. The paint is much thicker than ink and would never flow properly through a pen tip and would soon clog up. Ever use a paint spray gun? You know then how much the paint has to be thinned down in order to use it in a paint sprayer. That is why we give you a wide mouth container and a brush.

Blue Planet uses paint and that is why we give you a miniature paint can and an actual brush. You can brush on the UV Paint nice and thick. Let it dry and then brush on another coat. The finished UV lawyer is 50 times thicker (with two coats as recommended) than what you will get from any uv ink pen.

Our UV Paint is formulated for metal and hard plastics, exactly what your most expensive personal property is made out of. The UV paint that we use comes in one gallon cans with a price tag of $640.00 each.

Use an UV Pen too?

Once you buy one of our kits, you could get a uv pen and mark all sorts of stuff with our url and the serial number without purchasing a refill kit. Keep in mind the difference though and don't come crying to us if and when you find out down the road that your cheap pen ink is gone or not visible. Don't expect to get back any of your stuff marked with an uv pen. The uv pen makers and sellers don't care and don't have to worry about it. The kits with self-inking rubber stamps are no different. You don't really think a pen or rubber stamp can hold and transfer the same amount of uv material as a brush, do you?

The UV ink is fine on paper and can be used in ways to help authenticate documents which are stored properly. It might work okay for stereo system components and things that sit on a shelf and are never cleaned.

We Don't Leave You Hanging.
We Include a Professional Automobile Grade Clear Coat System.

Our UV Paint will be much thicker than any uv pen can manage, but we don't control how or where you are going to use it. We aren't going to leave you hanging or provide half-way measures. Thus, to make certain the UV Paint is not worn off or easily removed, we provide a container of tuff acrylic clear coat and another paint brush. This is designed for clear coating automobiles and is designed to hold up out doors. Imagine how well it is going to work inside. It is designed to stand up to constant and daily handling of things like smart phones, tablet computers, game systems, laptop computers, plus things used outdoors like atv's, bicycles, skateboards, boat engines and the like. Oh yea, just try your cheap uv pen on something exposed to salt air and salt water like a boat engine and see how long it remains visible. We know something about that living on a small island (2.5x5 miles) called Key West surrounded by salt water.

So if you want to buy an uv ink pen I suppose you could travel to an auto supply shop and buy a gallon of clear coat for two hundred bucks or more, to paint over it. Maybe you could find a quart somewhere for $70 or so (though it isn't usually sold that way as auto shops and custom car builders buy this stuff to coat an entire car with and don't buy quarts). You could go to Home Depot and buy a quart of polyurethane, but don't use it outside as the sun will crack it and burn it off. Don't use it on metal, it won't stick properly, it will run and just generally will be a very visible mess. Stick to wood.

More Effective Uses

Our instruction booklet included with the kit provides many useful tips on how to use SecureUV most effectively.

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