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SecureUV (tm) Auto Rims, Truck Box, Vehicle Accessory Personal Property Marking Kit

Blue Planet Security presents SecureUV, the only complete UV (blacklight) marking kit for consumers SecureUV is a companion product to our glass etching kit and our UV marking kit which doesn't use VIN numbers. SecureUV includes 8 stencils with your vehicle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to mark with UV paint your expensive auto rims, Truck boxes, stereo equipment or other vehicle accessories.

In addition, SecureUV includes visible paint to use as a deterent and includes a container of mineral spirits for cleaning up the clearcoat. The paint and UV paint are water based and clean up with water. The kit includes alcohol wipes for final surface cleaning, gloves, an UV flashlight, and other items to assist in application and cleanup. It is possible to re-use the stencils if they are removed before the paint is completely set.

SecureUV provides a simple and effective method for invisible marking of your personal property. The ID information is only viewable under a UV/blacklight. You could mark your stuff with your Social Security number, but nobody can look that up, including the police. You could use your driver's license number, but only the police can look that up, and it is a long number. It also makes it more difficult to sell your property or otherwise transfer the item. Blue Planet Security offers the only low cost kit for consumers and the only kit as effective at any price to mark their personal property with invisible UV paint. Click the link to learn the details about why SecureUV is far superior to any UV pen or other method.

SecureUV Includes:

  • 8 (24 pt.) Machine Cut Self-Adhesive Vinyl Stencils.

  • Container (5 grams) of UV Paint. Clear in normal light when dry. BLUE under UV light. Enough for two coats or more using all 8 stencils.

  • Container (5 grams) of Clear Spar Urethane Coating to Protect UV Paint. Enough for two coats or more. Suitable for outdoor use.

  • Container (5 grams) of Mineral Spirits to Clean Excess Clear Coat.

  • Container (5 grams) of Bright Blue Paint to Protect Property by making a visible deterent. (Water Cleanup)

  • 8 Cotton Swabs to Use with Mineral Spirits for Clear Coat Cleanup.

  • Two small reusable brushes for water-based UV Paint and Clear Coat (Non-water based).

  • Two pairs of disposable gloves. (UV Paint is non-toxic.)

  • 4 Alcohol Prep Pads

  • Disposable Plastic Eye Dropper.

  • UV Flashlight with key chain ring.

  • Instruction Booklet.

  • Only $27.95 with Free Shipping.

SecureUV Kit

UPC: 79109411080

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Existing Customer Registration

If you already own one of our Secure Tag kits, enter your current customer number and the UV kit will use the same number. SecureUV uses 4 numbers and tag kits use 6 numbers (together with the url) which might be a factor if space is at a premium .

* NOTE: ID Cards are not provided to existing customers. They are pre-made with 4 digit numbers and are not custom made to match Secure Tag product registration numbers.

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Characters in Stencil
UV Stencil Content:
Size of Stencil Font:

If you need commercial quantities or need to mark a large number of items, please contact our office for a quote. Thank you.

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When ordering Refill kit or if you want to use your existing customer registration number, please send an email to

SecureUV New User Kit $19.95

SecureUV Refill Kit $17.95

When ordering Refill kit or if you want to use your existing customer registration number, please send an email to

The font used is "Stencil" and you probably have it on your computer which you can use to determine what size font you want in custom orders.
The Stencil Font (Click for Font Examples & Sizes) is only available in limited sizes and is in ALL CAPS.

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